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We know that many people have taken steps towards living a healthy, organic lifestyle, and that’s why we’ve decided to offer organic carpet cleaning. A carpet isn’t just for your feet, especially for families with children or pets. And while everyone wants the dirt, odors, stains and allergens removed from their carpets, no one wants to introduce chemicals into their home in the process. Many of the cleaning products on the market are potentially harmful to the environment and our health. It doesn’t matter whether toxic rug cleaners are sprayed, washed, poured or rinsed. The process can potentially add toxins to the water and the air.

Our Organic Rug Cleaning Ingredients

Why Use Us? Our rug cleaning service in Johannesburg will not only provide you with cleaner rugs and carpets, it will keep your family safe from the effects of harsh chemicals. Most rug cleaning products available in stores are imitations of so-called natural ingredients. In reality, they contain little or no natural ingredients. However, we only use organic cleaning products, which are non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, biodegradable, ammonia free and pH-balanced. They contain enzymes that actually eat their way through dirt, dust and mildew that lives in your carpet. The products have been tested to exceed the results of leading non-organic rug cleaning products.

Moreover, our technicians are specially trained in top quality carpet cleaning, and we’ll take the dirt from your carpeting and upholstery without leaving anything behind.

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