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Fine rugs are more than simple covers for your floors. They are heirlooms, pieces you cherish and which have been in your family forever. Replacing them is no easy feat, since it’s not like you can simply run on out to the store and buy a new fine rug. They are valuable pieces, with historic and affective value. Fine rug restoration is usually an expensive service, but it’s also a good investment in an item that has been in your possession for a long time.

There are multiple methods to achieve museum quality restoration and cleaning, but only a good provider of fine rug restoration is one you should trust with this kind of job. What can you expect from such a company? A long-standing tradition in the field, for one thing. Timely and efficient services. Good quotes. Consultations with professionals that have trained for this job for a long time. But, most importantly, you should expect them to understand your very specific requirements, the value that the item has for you and your budget.

Rescue Rug will provide the best fine rug restoration services in Johannesburg. Some of the methods they use to restore the majestic beauty and state of your fine rugs include re-plying and re-weaving. Another way to restore a fine rug is to removing all additional fringes, which have gotten frayed, worn out or broken over the years. Replacing the fringes can basically give a new lease of life to your fine rugs.

Over the years, rugs and carpets, be they museum worthy or not, will tend to change texture. The fabric will stretch or block, causing the rug to look much less beautiful than it should. Rescue Rug takes care of these issues, and many, many more to boot.

If you want your fine rug cleaned, we provide a wide range of services that will make your rug as beautiful as it was before it became botched, stained or took on a strange kind of odor. Trust us to offer good quality pool treatment, or more laborious methods for cleaning such as hand cleaning. We also offer dry cleaning, with the most appropriate and least damaging substances. And just in case you have pets or need your fine rug treated for stains, we offer good quality services in this respect, as well as a double-sided process (top and bottom surface of the carpet).

We will collect and deliver all carpets for free.