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Why do people use rugs? Why have they been using rugs for hundreds of years? Why is rug weaving even considered an art? Because walking with a rug or rug under your feet makes walking a more comfortable experience. And since we know our clients value their rugs, we at Rescue Rug Company provide the highest quality rug cleaning service in Johannesburg. We have garnered our good reputation by maintaining a high standard of professionalism. We are a fully licensed and insured corporation that is able to handle any kind of cleaning project you may need. Our technicians become qualified for service only after intensive training and then another 18 months of field experience under close supervision. We promise personal attention to the specialized needs of each individual customer.

Tips and Advice on Rug Cleaning

In order to make sure our customers are the happiest customers around, we have compiled a list of easy to follow tips and tricks, as well as answers to frequently asked question in matters of rug cleaning advice. Read below and feel free to contact our experts at Rescue Rug Company with any additional questions, or for more specialized tips and pointers.

Spills are a common type of household accident. They happen all the time and can rarely be prevented. If you’ve just spilled a substance that might stain your rug, such as wine, coffee or ink, the first thing you need to do is to blot out the substance immediately with a piece of fabric. Do not panic and start rubbing the stain out. Rubbing will only cause the stain to spread, which will make the stain even harder to take out.

Water damage is fairly frequent in home environments, but it is exceptionally damaging for rugs and rugs. It can range in size from a small spill during a meal or a party, to a flood caused by a broken water pipe. Either way, don’t think that you can just solve the problem y hanging the rug out to dry. You will most definitely need to see a professional, and our organic rug restoration services are just what you need. We will prevent the damage from spreading and implicitly keep your home safe, clean and healthy, with no danger of mold or further damage.

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