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Do you have a rug in your home that has been around forever? Is it a family heirloom, one which has been handed down from generation to generation? In this case, having it damaged, torn, ripped, burned or soiled beyond repair can be a very difficult experience emotionally. In addition, old oriental rugs tend to be very valuable. Older rugs feature more intricate designs, be they Persian, Pakistani, Afghani, Chinese, Indian, Antique, Silk or hand made.

What to Do When a Rug Becomes Damaged

Luckily, our organic rug repair services in Johannesburg can help you through the experience. Our state-of-the-art cleaning and repair facility can handle nearly any type of damage. We will assist you and help you restore your rug back to it’s former beauty. Turnaround time depends on the extent of the damage, but our dedicated team of experienced professionals will work to solve the issue as soon as possible.

However, it is very important to address the issue as soon as you discover it. It may be that your rug shows no evident, immediate signs of damage. If you do discover that it is somewhat frayed or torn, or that the fiber has started to wear thin, then it is time to see a professional.

Otherwise, if you wait, you may wait until it is too late to solve the issue.

Remember that this cherished item is not one which you can readily replace. It’s not like you can purchase and old oriental rug just like that. What is more, the emotional value you attach to the rug can never be replaced.

Prevent Further Water Damage

Water damage is the most often encountered type of damage to rugs or carpets. If water starts to infiltrate the fabric and the threads, this will also start to damage your flooring. Since rugs tend to be bulky items, it won’t be very easy to just remove it and hanging out to dry. You will need professional help in the form of organic rug repair, which help prevent mold and further water damage to your home.

Choose Our Organic Rug Repair Services

If you need organic rug repair in Johannesburg, then you have come to the right place. We have a long standing in the organic rug repair and organic rug cleaning industry, and a large roster of satisfied customers. Our main priority is that our customers are satisfied, the beauty of their rugs restored, and their homes maintained safe, healthy and clean. For a free estimate or further information on our Organic Rug Repair Services, call us or email us today